Corporate Services

Setting up and running a company can be a strenuous task. You’ll need an expert who understands the steps you need to take and has the perception to truly put your needs first. That’s where we come in. We provide everything you need, all in one place; from HR, payroll to legal documentation. We free up your valuable time, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Talent Acquisition (Executive search & services)

Employees are the most important assets in any business. We identify your needs and provide the best candidates for you.

Learning & Development

We have developed our learning and developing services keeping in the mind the requirements of specific industry which integrate multi-purpose learning technologies and engaging content to give employees an in-depth and effective learning experience.

ERP Implementation

ERP systems have a great influence on nearly every aspect of a company. Hence, the success of implementation is of extreme importance. Our knowledge of ERP coupled with our knowledge of your company’s future goals becomes a key ingredient in the success of the project.

Outsourced HR Functions & processing payroll

By outsourcing your HR services and payroll, you can free up your valuable time and resources to concentrate on the important business of running your company. Here, we provide the flexible and practical employment support as per the client’s needs. In addition to this, we provide a flexible payroll service tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

License Amendment and Renewal

We do license renewals and amendments of existing licenses. With our services, renewal or amendment of trade licences is hassle-free.

Vetting of Agreements / Legal Documents

Before signing an agreement, it is important for each party to read all the clauses carefully. It is not uncommon that due to poor drafting of clauses of an agreement, the agreement becomes vulnerable to misinterpretation by one of the parties. We not only critically analyze already drafted clauses, but also add further clauses to ensure that all interests of the client are accurately met.

Offering Virtual CFO services

Depending on the growth stage of your company, we provide you with all the services of a CFO, except the CFO won’t be a full-time employee but will always be there whenever you need them.

Due diligence & valuation

Our due diligence services help our clients identify various types of risks associated with a transaction, and suggest the best solutions in moving forward. We personalize our services depending on the needs of the client, the transactions involved and the perimeter of valuation.

Accounting & book keeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are the fundamental components of any business. An effective accounting system can positively affect a company’s efficiency and profitability. Our bookkeeping services will ensure that reliable and accurate books are kept for your company.

Preparing Feasibility study

One of the most important initial steps for companies planning to build or expand facilities and operations is a feasibility study. We understand the scope of a proposed project, identify potential stumbling blocks and risks to completion, develop realistic alternatives and analyze the resources to achieve success.

Company Secretarial services

We provide complete services related to company matters including all procedural requirements right from the pre-incorporation stage.

Business Setup Package

We provide a turnkey solution for company formation in the UAE. We provide services which can get your new business off to a flying start. From setting up your business structure to designing your logo and stationery, getting you online and everything in between, we are always there to help.