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For all organizations that need high quality accounting advise, 24A Plus has the breadth and depth of knowledge and technical expertise to help. We provide financial accounting and accounting technical advice, support tools, guidance and training which will help to improve the quality of your financial reporting.

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If you want to grow your business, concentrate on your business and leave the accounting to us. We understand accounting and accountants. We provide book keeping services either by visiting the clients’ office or working remotely from our office. We use multiple software such as Tally, Quick Books and Zoho, and can also work on any other software preferred by you. The accounting services would include:

  • Choosing the right software for your business and implementing it in the right manner
  • Recording the transactions as per international accounting standards
  • Reconciling the bank, customers, vendors and inter-company accounts
  • Passing closing entries
  • Giving you monthly management reports in time and explanation of the financial health
  • Training you to look for the right number which will assist you in your business decision making

Our clients highly support the fact that outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping work to 24A Plus has led to cost savings plus helped in getting timely reports.

An economic feasibility study is conducted for a new project or business venture to evaluate its economic viability. An entrepreneur may require it to help his decision to start a new venture. The banks, financial institutions require this study for lending money to a new project. We have expertise, experience, and tools to develop a detailed feasibility study report as per the requirements of the business or the banks.

24A Plus offers guidance and sound technical and financial advice for due diligence and valuation. Our professionals walk hand-in-hand with the clients from start to finish. Whether you have succession planning, family transfers, management buyout, or retaining ownership or selling your business, our team is ready to support.

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Valuation of business is required for several reasons. One of the main reasons is the change in the ownership of business.

Most of the business owners approach us when they plan to sell their enterprises. We remain at your disposal for providing an accurate course of action for your business.

When entrepreneurs have merger plans, organizational restructuring, they hire us for the most beneficial and accurate business valuation. Our team of professionals factors all elements when being subjected to business valuation.

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