Accounting Training in Dubai

24 A Plus Consultants offers the accounting training courses, that explains everything that a budding professional requires. We use a combination of interactive and theoretical methods

What we teach

  • Introduction of financial and accounting statements.
  • Global financial and accounting reporting standards.
  • Elements of the balancesheet.
  • Double entry accounting.
  • Cash flow and its different elements.
  • Income and expenditure statements.
  • Net equity.
  • Alterations to the financial statements.
  • General ledger and accounting system.
  • Capital structure analysis.
  • Liquidity analysis.
  • Sales, purchase and their costing.
  • Rent analysis
  • Advertising and marketing accounts.
  • Financial cost and its analysis.
  • Debtors and creditors and,
  • Petty cash.
Accounting Training UAE

It’s a complete curriculum on accounting and more topics have been included. If you want to get more details, get in touch for a special session that would make you understand, its needs and benefits.

  1. Target audience
  2. Budding professionals
  3. Managers.
  4. Supervisors and other employees.
  5. Business owners.
  6. Accounting professionals.
  7. Asiring entrepreneurs.
  8. What a trainee achieves
  9. Defining accounting, its intricacies and the cycle.
  10. Understanding the accounting laws as per the international standards.
  11. Perfectly knowing the fundamentals, newest mechanized accounting system.
  12. Knowledge of the key financial statements.
  13. Distinguishing and classifying various accounting categories within the system.
  14. Accounting statements for different investments.
  15. Maintaining the accounts for the transactions affecting the revenues and expenses.

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