Corporate Services in Dubai

Setting-up and running a company successfully is a strenuous task, right? No, at least not for the clients of 24 A Plus. With the perception of putting your requirements, objectives and the goals at the top, we offer 360 degree solution to all your corporate needs. We offer excellent Corporate service in Dubai UAE in all the dimensions of corporate service. 24 A Plus is the one-stop solution to all your needs from the scratch. We are a top company, and from the strategy planning to the execution, we offer the highest standards followed in the industry.


Talent Acquisition (Executive search & services)

24 A Plus is just not the recruitment service, but we seriously mean ‘talent acquisition’. We have drafted a consistent planning that includes analyzing the company’s workforce strategy, the skills and the competency, they’re looking for. We have employment branding that attracts quality talents. We have registration of hundreds of potential candidates, who could be valuable asset for your company. 24 A Plus assures you providing the best candidates for all positions for all the industries. Hire us and know, why 24 A Plus is branded among the top-notch companies in talent recognition and acquisition.

Virtual CFO Services

When your organization decides, it’s the right time to bring in a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO, then get connected. 24 A Plus offers the best virtual service in the industry. The virtual CFO is less expensive as compared to the in-house CFO. Our virtual CFO pricing will be entirely based on the amount of time or the deliverables, your organization is looking for. Our virtual CFOs have the unique experience of working with multiple industries. They follow the best practices prevailing in the industry.

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Learning & Development

With the onset of new laws, regulations, technologies, it’s best for an employee to keep on learning. It betters the overall performance of the organization. 24 A Plus has drafted its own development and learning services, keeping in mind the divergent needs of multitude of industries. We have multi-purpose learning technology, to give the employees an in-depth and effective learning experience. To fine tune the talent, we offer accounting and VAT training courses in Dubai.

Due Diligence

24 A Plus offers guidance and sound technical and financial advice for due diligence and valuation. Our professionals walk hand-in-hand with the clients from start to finish. Whether you have succession planning, family transfers, management buyout, or retaining ownership or hiring the president, our team is ready to support. Also, we are a well known brand in financial due diligence, tax structure and efficiency, purchase price allocation, and for any related worries, 24 A Plus is ready to serve you. We help identifying various risks and the best solutions to move forward.

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ERP Implementation

Undeniably, ERP systems have a great impact and influence on almost every aspect of the business and hence, its successful implementation is extremely important. Our proficiency in ERP combinedly with the goals of your company become the key ingredient in the success of your business. Our firm has long experience in implementing ERPs in various industries and have hands on experience in running it successfully. The success ‘mantra’ of our team is that before touching ERP, we start with writing or reviewing the policies of the organization and understand well, the business requirements. .

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Perfect accounting and bookkeeping are the fundamental and basic components of the success of a business. Our proficient accounts and bookkeeping service has determination and the needed experience. You tend to gain many advantages, when you hire 24 A Plus. Being the reputable company 24 A Plus provides professional services that keeps you on track. You have timely business payments, excellent bookkeeping service, with timely business expenses. We eliminate financial risks as there is no chance of any mistake causing you any inconvenience.

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Vetting of Agreements / Legal Documents

A legal agreement, or the document is not merely a simple piece of paper but it protects the business entity with its rights and remedies. 24 A Plus is a prestigious company in preparing the documents that create responsibilities, conditions, manners , monetary issues, timelines, and other such factors that are binding on both the signing parties. We seal every corner of the agreement precisely so that it is respected and obeyed.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is an important aspect for any businessman. 24 A Plus, while conducting feasibility study examines a number of variables. We identify that the planned project is beneficial but you lack the resources to pull it off. Our feasibility report shows that you should go forward with your project but at a specific time. Our feasibility report also helps you determining your likelihood of success and indicate, when you need to move ahead.

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Company Secretarial Services

After the successful initiation of your business, we offer our support in arranging company secretarial services. To handle the daily procedures, you need this service to fill many voids. 24 A Plus offers complete secretarial services related to all procedural requirements right from the pre-incorporation stage. Resultantly, your business runs smoothly without missing out on any important procedures and requirements.

Outsourced HR Functions & Processing Payroll

Outsourcing HR functions and payroll operations to 24 A Plus offer businesses an attractive and beneficial alternative to managing the internal HR and payroll processes. It helps alleviating the time employees invest calculating payroll, determining tax obligations, deduction of other dues and the list is endless. Our services alleviate the issues related to knowing the tax filing deadlines, tax tables, latest tax code, deposit needs and payroll software versions. When you hire 24 A Plus, your employees are free to do more productive work or more value added or revenue generated activities.

24A Plus is one of the top businesses in Dubai, known for our best corporate services in Dubai. We offer ideal services because of the broad range of activities that help people establish their businesses in the UAE.

Our advisers are among our client’s most trusted business partners, having provided corporate services in Dubai and the UAE for ten years. Throughout the UAE, we have helped several organisations of all sizes, both on the Mainland and in the Free Zone.

With their extensive understanding of regional laws, cultural quirks, and market trends, our team of company formation specialists guarantees a smooth and effective setup procedure for your business. We offer comprehensive assistance at every stage of your business journey, from office space purchasing and visa processing to company registration and licensing. Our all-inclusive service package simplifies the setup procedure, sparing you time, money, and needless trouble.

Our Services at 24A Plus

We are aware that each company is different. Because of this, we provide individualised consulting services that are designed to satisfy your needs, whether you run a startup, or a small or large company. We offer comprehensive assistance at every stage of your business journey, from office space purchasing and visa processing to company registration and licensing. Our all-inclusive service package simplifies the setup procedure, sparing you time, money, and needless trouble.

Being the top business consultant in Dubai, we easily traverse the complexities of regulations and make well-informed decisions with the help of our insights and contacts. Our area of expertise is offering trustworthy and competent corporate services, such as financial advisory, business establishment, ERP implementation, Dubai Visa, PRO, and business setup services.

Why Choose 24A Plus for Corporate Services in UAE?

Expertise in UAE Corporate Laws: 24A Plus distinguishes itself through a team of legal experts deeply immersed in the complex framework of UAE corporate laws. We possess an in-depth understanding of the complexities inherent in local regulations. By staying ahead of legal developments and precedents, we offer clients invaluable insights and guidance. Whether you need help with registration procedures, compliance requirements, or resolving disputes, 24A Plus ensures our clients receive accurate and reliable counsel, safeguarding their interests and minimising legal risks.

Tailored Solutions: Being in this industry, we know that each company and business has its unique requirements. 24A Plus prioritises the delivery of customised solutions. Through meticulous analysis and consultation, we craft strategies and plans that precisely align with the specific needs and objectives of each client. We devise optimal corporate structures, draft agreements, and implement governance frameworks, their solutions are tailored to maximise effectiveness and efficiency, driving business success.

Efficiency and Timeliness: Running a business requires several 24A Plus understands the importance of swift and efficient service delivery. We streamline processes and harness technology, ensuring every task is completed promptly and without unnecessary delays. We help you with company formation, licensing, regulatory compliance, etc. You can rely on 24A Plus for timely execution to seize opportunities and stay ahead in the competitive curve.

Comprehensive Support: We offer service beyond financial assistance, 24A Plus offers end-to-end support across all areas of corporate operations. From establishment to ongoing compliance and governance, our services cater to all your needs. This includes but is not limited to, regulatory filings, contract drafting and negotiation, corporate restructuring, and advisory services. By providing comprehensive support, 24A Plus ensures that our clients focus on their core business activities while trusting us for their legal and administrative matters.

Proven Track Record: Our credibility is defined by our extensive record of success and client satisfaction. With our expertise and guidance, many businesses have established their company successfully. Their testimonials and case studies bear testament to our reliability, competence, and commitment to excellence.

Why Choose 24A Plus for Corporate Services in the UAE?

24A Plus is one of the premier choices for corporate services in the UAE due to our commitment to providing excellent and reliable services in the UAE. With our deep expertise in local laws and regulations and dedication to client satisfaction, in addition to our proven track record of success, we are successfully able to meet the diverse needs of businesses operating in the UAE. Our team ensures prompt and efficient delivery of services, guiding clients through every step of the process with precision and integrity.

Trust 24A Plus to be your trusted partner in setting up your business and handling all the complexities of corporate operations in the UAE


Does 24A Plus provide legal representation for corporate disputes and litigation?

Yes, 24A Plus offers legal representation for corporate disputes and litigation, employing skilled lawyers who specialise in resolving commercial disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, depending on the client’s needs and circumstances.

Can 24A Plus assist with corporate restructuring and mergers/acquisitions?

Yes, 24A Plus has expertise in corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate transactions. Their team assists clients in navigating complex legal and regulatory processes involved in such transactions, ensuring smooth transitions.

Does 24A Plus offer virtual office solutions for businesses in the UAE?

Yes, 24A Plus provides virtual office solutions that enable businesses to establish a presence in the UAE without the need for physical office space. These solutions include mail handling, phone answering, and meeting room facilities.

Can 24A Plus assist with intellectual property registration and protection in the UAE?

Certainly, 24A Plus offers services related to intellectual property registration and protection, including trademark registration, patent filing, copyright protection, and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

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