Excise Tax Registration Services in Dubai UAE

Every single business entity in UAE that stocks, produces or imports excise goods or planning to do so in future, , is necessary to get registered under the federal Excise tax, UAE. It’s a little complicated process and you can approach to various prominent tax consulting services, offering excise tax registration services in Dubai.

Rules for the Registration

A businessman will be required to get registered under the Excise tax rules, even if he is not a producer or importer of excise goods. If you’re a stockpiler of excise goods, even before the introduction of the federal excise tax rules, you need to get registered. And if you’re not registered under UAE Excise Tax but issuing excise goods from a designated place, the activity is taxable. The rule strictly prohibits any taxable activity, unless registered under the Excise tax. If you find any complications in registration, prominent tax consultants are offering excise tax registration services in Dubai.

Procedure for the registration

Any business that is involved in the above said activities is liable to register under the Excise tax but an entity may be entitled for the registration exemption, if the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) deems it acceptable that you’re not  releasing or importing excise goods from a designated zone. Even if you possess a tax registration number, you still need to get registered under Excise tax and a different Tax Registration Number (TRN) will be issued, following successful submission of the application. Look for a recognized excise tax registration service in Dubai.

One TRN for one entity

The Government issues one TRN for one entity under Excise tax regulations and the responsibility of having no duplication lies on the business owner. . You can use online registration facility, provided by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The estimated time for excise registration procedure is just 20 minutes.  If you’re still facing any problem in the submission of the application, get connected to any prominent excise tax registration services in Dubai.

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