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Why are we the best in Human Resource Management?

Payroll Management

24 A Plus understands that efficient payroll management is the top priority of every employer. Payroll processing, payroll tax filing, and tracking paid time off are difficult tasks to be handled but our payroll service goes far beyond simply taking the workload off your shoulders. The association of 24 A Plus comes with proven benefits.

Help you stay organized – 24 A Plus helps your company stay organized. Our professionals initiate the work with effective systems and processes. We manage your taxation liabilities and their deadlines. We employ latest and innovative software for managing the system. We improve your detailed filing system – both electronic and physical, avoiding clutter.

Documentation of the process – Complete awareness of your payroll system is critical but 24 A Plus makes it easy. We document the entire process that helps in audit matters and alleviating employees’ concerns.

Attention to the details – We understand that in payroll processing, small mistakes cause major difference. 24 A Plus pays gross attention to every detail. We minimize your liabilities, maximizing the growth and hence, the profit of the company.

Setting up HR systems

HR duties are humongous responsibilities that requires utmost attention and work discipline. We offer a comprehensive HR services as we understand the different dimensions and specialized areas in the department. The benefits of outsourcing HR functions to 24 A Plus are plentiful. Read on to find details.

Cost saving – The overhead cost of managing HR functions is typically very high. Many businesses can’t simply afford this expenditure. We help reduce your cost and assist avoiding the expenses on a non-revenue generating department. Moreover, HR outsourcing costs are variable and can be reduced, when needed.

Extending the perspective – One of the great benefits of outsourcing HR work to 24 A Plus is the benefit of global talent. We have the best talents of the industry that perform your HR services.

Risk management – Employment and labour laws change regularly and 24 A Plus remains update with the regulations that may affect your workplace. . Our professionals stay current on federal and state laws and regulations. We also maintain audit policies strictly to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Greater Efficiency – 24 A plus maintains effective and productive workplace. Within human resources systems, we streamline every affiliated unit.

PRO Services

Despite your best efforts and the top talent acquisition, if your company is facing problems in the implementation of the rules and regulations, you need to hire our PRO services. There is no need to lose your precious time and money while searching and fulfilling the Government procedures as 24 A Plus is here to help. We will avoid any tricky situations as we have deep experience in handling legal and administrative problems. The PRO services offered by 24 A Plus deal with all types of documentation including trade license and visa. Our PROs have developed excellent relations in the ministries, for speedy completion of various procedures.

Review and Monitoring

We develop a robust review and monitoring system in your organization. In complete compliance of the federal and state labour laws, we conduct HR audit. We have developed a simplified strategy for reviewing and monitoring that is easily understood by the clients besides their staff members. While conducting HR process audit, we underline the areas of the weakness, areas of improvement and even those areas, that lack any policy or procedures. The review and monitoring system developed by 24 A Plus helps evaluating the risks, and impact on non-compliance besides effectiveness on human capital and importantly, return on the investment (ROI).

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