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Why are we the best in Human Resource Management?

At 24A Plus, we provide HR management solutions in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. With over decade of experience in offering payroll, PRO, and HR services within the region, we have expertise in addressing the requirements of clients and delivering outstanding solutions to a range of organizations.

Payroll Management

24A Plus understands that efficient payroll management is a top priority for every employer. The association with 24A Plus comes with proven benefits. We maintain the payroll remotely, create pay slips and WPS files. We also calculate end of service benefits of the employees at the end of the financial year and as and when an employee leaves the organization. 24A Plus helps your company stay organized. Our professionals initiate the work with effective systems and processes.

Setting up HR systems

Up to 70% of most operational expenses are related to people expenses. With effective cost management as a critical element for the life of the business, companies are revisiting how they provide great people experiences while managing their expenses. Outsourcing your HR Function to 24A Plus is one way.

We act as an extension of your team, so your employees enjoy efficient world-class HR advice and services while you save on time, money and other manpower costs such as visas, annual leave, gratuity etc. involved in building your HR infrastructure.

PRO Services

Our PRO Services cover processing of work permits and visas for employees, partners, directors and their family members in all Emirates. We also take care of visa renewal and cancellation for all categories.

24A Plus, one of the top recruiting and HR companies in the United Arab Emirates, works with both employers and candidates, so we have a thorough understanding of both sides of the hiring process. Our committed team of recruiters, headhunters, and consultants at Accel pays close attention to even the tiniest aspects to establish effective employer-candidate relationships.

At 24A Plus, we use our clients’ complex and varied HR needs as a starting point to develop trustworthy and strategic HR solutions. We can offer workforce solutions that can advance your company by coordinating your business strategy with our talent strategy. Our unmatched performance and prompt deliveries are the reasons we have emerged as the most dependable and efficient recruitment firm.

Our recruiting process outsourcing, middle management hiring, and executive search services enable our clients to reach new heights in their commercial ventures. We are pleased to report that, in our ten years of expertise in the field, we have successfully supplied solutions for both domestic and international companies.

Benefits of Having HR Services in Dubai
The following are just a few benefits of outsourcing HR services in Dubai –

Reduced costs: Outsourcing HR services can help you cut the cost and save money. Establishing an internal HR department comes with a high price tag and little additional revenue. You can rely on 24A Plus for the best HR services in Dubai.

Efficiency: The company’s human resources department may operate more efficiently because of HR outsourcing in Dubai. This enables businesses to give their core operations their whole attention to boost worker productivity.

Employee Advancement: Enhancing employee performance is facilitated by HR Outsourcing Dubai. In addition to supporting the administration of the organizational development of the business, it helps to keep an eye on worker conduct and provide training support.

Ensure compliance: Labour and wage rules are always changing in the United Arab Emirates. Firms must adhere to all labour laws and norms and are subject to continuous change. Outsourcing human resources services contributes to the legality of personnel management procedures by efficiently helping firms be compliant.

Risk management: Contracting out HR work also lowers risk. Not every firm needs to stay current with emerging business practices and technological advancements.

Access to Expertise: HR outsourcing Dubai services give the business access to a whole staff of qualified professionals. They are capable of finishing administrative tasks quickly and effectively. Furthermore, these experts possess the requisite knowledge regarding labor legislation.

International talent acquisition: Talent acquisition is a specialty of human resources outsourcing firms. Our expertise in recruiting and publishing adverts enables you to create a hiring strategy in line with the goals of the company.

Our Approach at 24A Plus
24A Plus – the best HR outsourcing Dubai service providers assist you in creating efficient rules. Here are some of the methods they use to draft these rules and procedures down below –

Explain the need for a new policy: In theory, you must examine and assess the current circumstances. Every company must seek to identify particular needs and develop policies to meet them. For this reason, you need to consider their corporate culture.

Establish responsibilities for policy development: Companies must choose who to involve and what roles to play when producing policies. In corporations, the majority of boards and committees are usually tasked with creating and reviewing policies. Therefore, the responsibilities that policies need to play can be defined.

Establish the policy’s content: The next stage is to create a workable plan. You already know the important players in policy formulation and the pertinent information because of the preceding phase. You may then determine the purpose of each procedure and policy. Only when you have a well-defined goal in mind when creating policies can content be created.

Consider the company’s values: Policies must be by the company’s goals and overarching philosophy to be successfully implemented. Employees can therefore relate to the current culture and code of behavior of the organization. Employees are therefore more likely to follow the new guidelines.

Why Work With 24A Plus for HR Services in Dubai?
To ensure that the transition of the chosen individuals into your company goes as smoothly as possible, we go above and beyond by offering our clients orientation, training, and comprehensive HRMS solutions. By honing their interview and resume techniques, our recruiters also assist job seekers in locating the ideal position that fits their skill set.

There are several reasons to work with and one of the major reasons is that we are run by driven and prosperous business executives. With over ten years of experience, we have highly qualified recruiters and consultants with extensive subject knowledge. We meticulously research your recruitment requirements.

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What are the typical costs associated with outsourcing HR services in Dubai?

The costs of outsourcing HR services in Dubai vary depending on the scope of services required and the size of the company. Generally, companies can opt for fixed monthly fees or pay-per-service arrangements.

How do HR services in Dubai maintain confidentiality and data security for sensitive employee information?

HR services in Dubai implement strict confidentiality protocols and utilize secure systems to safeguard sensitive employee data, ensuring compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

How do HR services in Dubai handle payroll management and benefits administration?

HR services in Dubai manage payroll processes, including salary calculations, tax deductions, and benefits administration, ensuring accurate and timely payments while adhering to local regulations.

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