HR Consultants Services in Dubai

Why are we the best in Human Resource Management?

At 24A Plus, we provide HR management solutions in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. With over decade of experience in offering payroll, PRO, and HR services within the region, we have expertise in addressing the requirements of clients and delivering outstanding solutions to a range of organizations.

Payroll Management

24A Plus understands that efficient payroll management is a top priority for every employer. The association with 24A Plus comes with proven benefits. We maintain the payroll remotely, create pay slips and WPS files. We also calculate end of service benefits of the employees at the end of the financial year and as and when an employee leaves the organization. 24A Plus helps your company stay organized. Our professionals initiate the work with effective systems and processes.

Setting up HR systems

Up to 70% of most operational expenses are related to people expenses. With effective cost management as a critical element for the life of the business, companies are revisiting how they provide great people experiences while managing their expenses. Outsourcing your HR Function to 24A Plus is one way.

We act as an extension of your team, so your employees enjoy efficient world-class HR advice and services while you save on time, money and other manpower costs such as visas, annual leave, gratuity etc. involved in building your HR infrastructure.

PRO Services

Our PRO Services cover processing of work permits and visas for employees, partners, directors and their family members in all Emirates. We also take care of visa renewal and cancellation for all categories.

Executive Search and Selection

Our recruitment service helps companies find top talent within their industry. 24A Plus maintains a leading position in the UAE with an extensive internal database of screened candidates. In addition, we use executive job portals to search for the right talent. We guide and assist in selection process of finance and accounting staff or any other expertise as expressed by our client by shortlisting candidates, setting up tests, conducting interviews and drafting of appointment letter. We support you during the process including any negotiations with the selected candidate. We do not charge any fees to candidates only to the employer.

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