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VAT certification course UAE

Dubai Value Added Tax

This VAT Training program explains the rules and regulations of VAT (Value Added Tax) and clearly demonstrates how to register for VAT in the UAE, and the procedures and controls that should be in place to ensure VAT returns are submitted accurately and on time. This seminar will give you a complete understanding of VAT in Dubai, covering all the important topics and giving you the confidence to know if you are dealing with VAT in the right manner.

This training program consists of the following sessions:

Introduction to VAT based on your industry – In this course, delegates gain the fundamental knowledge required to understand the mechanics of how VAT in the UAE works. They will be able to differentiate various types of supplies with reference to VAT, and input and output VAT. They will also understand the difference between zero-rated VAT and exempted VAT.

Obligations and rights of taxpayers and key regulatory requirements – In this course, delegates will gain an understanding of administrative and regulatory matters, such as when a business should register for VAT in Dubai, when must a VAT return be completed and the implications of non-payment/late payment. This course focuses on the VAT registration process in Dubai and how to prepare required documents for VAT registration. It also throws light on the common errors in VAT calculation and how to prepare invoices including VAT.

International trade: VAT on cross border and free zone (FZE) transactions – In this course, delegates will get an insight into how VAT should be accounted for with respect to cross border transactions, both between different countries within the GCC and trading with entities outside the GCC. They will get to know about the impact of VAT on the Imports and Exports to the member countries (gulf region) and non-member countries (rest of the world).

Who should attend this program?



Finance Managers

Internal auditors

Cost and Budgeting Managers

Sales Managers

Procurement Managers

Associate Staff Dealing in Payable and Receivables