Virtual CFO Services in Dubai, UAE

Who is a CFO?

A CFO is typically responsible for managing the day-to-day activities related to the accounting, finance and tax aspects of a business. A good CFO is forward-looking, strategic, constantly forecasting future cash flows and financial performance so that resource requirements, including financing facilities, can be identified and addressed well in advance of their requirement.

As part of your senior management team, the vCFO is a strategic partner as well your business advisor, agent for change and, in some instances, mentor. He/she will of course be hands-on, getting to grips with all aspects of the finance and administration of the business and other areas you may wish them to be involved in.

Why hire 24A Plus CFO?

When you hire 24A Plus Consultants for virtual CFO Service, you tend to gain several benefits. We can provide this service at a cost-effective rate to start ups looking to put in place a budget process and new systems, to a medium size firm looking for a finance team restructure, looking to raise debt or equity capital or ERP system implementation.

  • Our Virtual CFO Service is cost effective to clients’ business
  • Our CFO has over a decade’s experience across various industries
  • Our outsourcing model allows companies to hire talent for only the hours needed to fill a particular role or achieve a particular goal.
Services Basic Transactional Controller Virtual CFO
No. of employees in the office < 10 10 to 20 20 to 50 50+
Scheduled meetings with the management 1 per month 1 per month 2 per month 1 per week
Monthly accounts review Yes Yes Yes Yes
Assistant in monthly accounts review No Yes Yes Yes
Telephonic support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Preparation of annual budget No No Yes Yes
Preparation of JD for accounting staff No No Yes Yes
Preparation of JD for all staff No No No Yes
Staff Incentive Plan No No No Yes
Cash Flow Preparation No No Yes Yes
Payroll preparation and execution Extra Cost Extra Cost Extra Cost Extra Cost
VAT Accounting Extra Cost Extra Cost Extra Cost Extra Cost
VAT Tax Planning Extra Cost Extra Cost Extra Cost Extra Cost
VAT Return Filing Extra Cost Extra Cost Extra Cost Extra Cost
On the job training to accounting staff Yes Yes Yes Yes
Any Specific training Extra Cost Extra Cost Extra Cost Extra Cost
Performance Monitoring with budgets No No Yes Yes

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) provides a wide range of finance-related services – from bookkeeping and other essential functions to more complex offerings like Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Payroll Management, Taxation, Outsourced Budgeting, MIS Reporting, and other related services that support a company’s financial resource management and optimal use.

Businesses can afford to access a comprehensive team of professional knowledge with 24APlus. Employing or contracting out many experts to achieve the shared objectives of compliance and strategic financial planning might deplete a business’s resources. We offer SMEs and large enterprises affordable, professional financial services. Also, we provide on-demand professional services to organizations and quickly satisfy their needs with virtual CFO services Abu Dhabi.

24A Plus is a one-stop shop for all financial services needs. You can also contact us for virtual CFO services Dubai. Virtual CFOs, also known as outsourced or fractional CFO services, are not employees of the company.

Why Do You Need CFO Services in Dubai?

CFO services are a valuable asset and source of support for any business. They represent the company’s general contentment and contribute to growth and success. A Chief Financial Officer can provide numerous advantages to the company, particularly in maximizing financial success, making well-informed decisions, and accomplishing the company’s long-term growth.

Our CFOs at 24A Plus consistently provide data-driven insights and analyses that will aid in decision-making for better financial decision-making. They evaluate potential investments and assess the risks, even under dire circumstances. Moreover, they are prepared for any eventuality with contingency measures already in place. Hence, we offer the best virtual CFO services in Dubai.

You can select CFO services depending on your budget. Our CFO services provide financial management, flexibility, and knowledge in improving financial health. They reduce risks and offer crucial guidance for making decisions. In addition, we assure governance and compliance, increase investor trust, adopt technology, and provide affordable solutions.

Our Virtual CFO Services in Dubai

  • Virtual CFO – A virtual accountant who collaborates with you continuously to address issues and expand your company.
  • Interim CFO – An extremely competent CFO serving as a temporary stand-in for the finance department.
  • Special Objective CFO – An experienced CFO assisting you in completing projects vital to your company’s development.
  • Full-time CFO—We used our extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the financial industry to secure a full-time CFO for your company.

24A Plus – Top Virtual CFO Company in Dubai

24A Plus offers on-demand CFO services. Our team provides comprehensive CFO services, including accounting, tax, legal, and IT services, because of our wide range of skill sets and extensive expertise. Virtual CFO services are available for immediate assistance with any financial management problems.


Simplify money management using prompt, professional services by 24A Plus in the UAE.

Here’s some of the why you must choose 24A Plus Virtual CFO Services Dubai –

  • Our team has been offering financial and advisory services for over ten years. Benefit from the specialised knowledge of experts collaborating to deliver efficient Financial Management Services.
  • Regardless of the company’s size, CFO UAE is committed to developing long-term relationships with its clients and offering prompt advice to help them improve their financial condition.
  • We charge a small fee for CFO services. While our virtual CFO services tend to be cost-effective, hiring an internal CFO will be expensive.
  • With human resources from various similar but distinct backgrounds, including management, taxation, and accounting, CFO UAE Services is a one-stop shop for all your financial management needs.

Get the Best CFO Services in the UAE

24A Plus, in Dubai, provides larger companies and SMEs with temporary or outsourced CFO services. Our virtual CFOs are qualified to serve as partners in charge of your company’s financial management. With our virtual CFO service, you can have a qualified financial manager who can manage routine tasks like maintaining track of open accounts or handling intricate financial transactions.

We will examine your financial situation and offer you helpful guidance to strengthen and increase your company’s resilience.

Also, along with CFO services, we offer accounting, auditing, and ERP implementation in Dubai.

Contact us now for a smooth financial audit and management.


How can a CFO help my company navigate the financial and regulatory framework of the UAE?

A CFO with local expertise can help your company understand complex UAE financial regulations, taxation laws, etc. They can ensure compliance with the UAE’s legal requirements, optimize tax strategies, and provide insights into local market trends and opportunities.

What are the benefits of outsourcing CFO services in the UAE compared to hiring an in-house CFO?

Virtual CFO services in the UAE offer flexibility, cost savings, and access to a broader pool of expertise. It allows companies to tap into specialised financial knowledge without the commitment of a full-time salary and benefits package. Additionally, outsourced CFOs can bring fresh perspectives and best practices from working with multiple clients across various industries.

Do I need a full-time CFO for my business in the UAE, or are part-time or outsourced CFO services sufficient?

The need for a full-time CFO versus part-time or outsourced services depends on the size and type of your business operations. Many SMEs find part-time or outsourced CFO services to provide cost-effective solutions while offering strategic financial guidance.

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