Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO in Dubai

Since most entrepreneurs have to labour long and hard to get their companies where they want to be, they have to wear a number of different hats. If you are an entrepreneur, you have certainly felt, at some point, as if you’re doing everything by yourself! In such a case, you need a strategic partner for managing and reviewing accounts, preparing annual budgets, tax planning and much more. In short, you need someone who can complement your finance & accounting team and manage your expanding ventures. At the same time, you can’t afford a CFO who demands a fat salary!

For this very reason, we at 24 APlus provide Virtual CFO services in the UAE. We bring in the right amount of experience in managing accounts and team, hiring, planning and strategy, performance evaluation and most important give professional face to the organisation. We are not full-time employees of your company, but will always be available for consultation and implementation. Depending on your needs, we can offer a flexible model for engagement as Virtual CFO, and help take your company to ever-greater heights.

Listed below are our services, which you can go ahed and cherry-pick as per your requirements:

ServicesBasicTransactionalControllerVirtual CFO
No. of employees in the office< 1010 to 2020 to 5050+
Scheduled meetings with the management1 per month1 per month2 per month1 per week
Monthly accounts reviewYesYesYesYes
Assistant in monthly accounts reviewNoYesYesYes
Telephonic supportUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Preparation of annual budgetNoNoYesYes
Preparation of JD for accounting staffNoNoYesYes
Preparation of JD for all staffNoNoNoYes
Staff Incentive PlanNoNoNoYes
Cash Flow PreparationNoNoYesYes
Payroll preparation and executionExtra CostExtra CostExtra CostExtra Cost
VAT AccountingExtra CostExtra CostExtra CostExtra Cost
VAT Tax PlanningExtra CostExtra CostExtra CostExtra Cost
VAT Return FilingExtra CostExtra CostExtra CostExtra Cost
On the job training to accounting staffYesYesYesYes
Any Specific trainingExtra CostExtra CostExtra CostExtra Cost
Performance Monitoring with budgetsNoNoYesYes