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Due diligence is the risk assessment of an upcoming business transaction. Primarily, it is the background check of the business involved, to make it sure that the party that has hired them for the feasibility study has the required information they need to proceed with confidence. If you’re looking for an experienced company, offering due diligence in Abu Dhabi, contact 24A Plus. A precise due diligence investigation is required to identify fraudulent or misrepresentation  dealings in a business transactions. Due diligence allows to exchange legal, confidential, financial or other material information between both the involved parties – the seller and the prospective buyer. The due diligence procedure refers to the study and the in-depth research conducted before signing a business agreement. Many companies undertake this critically analytical program before reaching on any major decision. This study is more beneficial in cases involving other parties such as corporate mergers, acquisitions, major product purchases or sales. In essence, this process provides reliable and complete background information on proposed business deals. Overall, due diligence helps making informed decision, whether to go forward with the business action or not.

For the most impressive due diligence Abu Dhabi, 24A Plus is the only solution. Our efficient due diligence process saves companies from making costly mistakes that may have profound consequences in other business areas including the company’s reputation. We conduct due diligence study from the perspective of the seller as well as the buyer . The study helps the group to look into various issues like legal, financial, litigation, patent and a whole range of relevant information. The seller focuses on the experience of the buyer, the ability to fulfill the taken responsibilities and most importantly, the financial status to complete the transaction successfully. The actions that require due diligence include joint Enterprise And Collaborations , business coalition, strategic alliance, outsourcing agreement, licensing of product or technology, venture capital investment, public issues and a few others. 24A Plus performs various types of due diligence investigations and the importance of each due diligence varies according to the industry and the type of transaction. Each type of our procedure supports other for an integrated approach. All the due diligence procedures have the same end goal, to provide information, the businesses need and the confidence that the transaction is worth pursuing. We conduct various due diligence including financial, legal, information technology, tax due diligence, operational, commercial due diligence, regulatory, human resources and environmental due diligence.

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